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Mattress sizes and bed frames

Mattress sizes

Choosing the right mattress size for your bed frame

A very common mistake people make is the size choice between a queen and double bed. It is very hard to visually inspect a bed frame a make a decision as to whether it is a double or queen. All of our mattresses are made to standard australian sizes, however this does not apply to a lot of bed frame manufacturers. A lot of bed frame manufacturers leave large gaps towards the top and bottom of the bed frame to accommodate to other markets – or quite frankly just the wrong size is made up during the manufacturing process.

It’s best to use a tape measure to measure the bed frame and keep in mind the mattress will always need a few cms extra to fit in, depending on the type of mattress. More premium mattresses may be a bit bigger than cheaper mattresses – however as mattresses are hand made products you may find this will not be the most accurate guide.

A double mattress measures 137 x 188cm and a queen is 153 x 203 cm. It is hard to guarantee that your mattress will fit just perfectly but measuring up before you select your size at least will get you close enough.