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Don’t buy a mattress until you read this – 3 Silly Things Mattress Experts see the most often (11/7/2023) by Mattress Expert - Buying a mattress can be a challenging but rewarding process. However, once customers take their product home there are 3 major things that we see people do wrong the most often. Number 1: Having bed slats installed upside down. The most common complaint we get on a new mattress is that the mattress seems uneven […]
Noble Park Mattresses (10/20/2023) by Mattress Expert - Mattress shop near Noble Park Mattress factory now servicing Noble Park Noble Park Mattresses We are providing free mattress delivery to online customers on all sizes of mattresses for purchases over $300. Even if you’re just purchasing a single just give us a call and we’ll see if we can get a driver to drop […]
Orthopedic Mattresses (9/5/2023) by Mattress Expert - Orthopedic Mattresses We have been selling our orthopedic mattresses online since their inception since 2009 and spring 2023 marks the 14th anniversary and arrival of our newest range providing the best in orthopedic support and excellent value for money. Our orthopedic mattresses feature full PostureFoam side edge supports allowing a greater sleep surface area. All […]
Non-toxic mattresses and formaldehyde (8/15/2023) by Mattress Expert - Non-toxic mattresses Formaldehyde myth in mattress foams Misinformation is rife when it has been passed down through decades. The majority of mattresses use PU or polyurathane foams.  They are complex chemical mixes that are made through various processes including blowing carbon dioxide or other gases through the mixture to create foams of different densities and […]
Why polyester free mattresses are a lie (8/12/2023) by Mattress Expert - No mattresses are polyester free There is not such thing as a polyester free mattress. And for the 100th time, mattresses do not contain plastics of any kind. Most mattresses contain a polyurethane foam for comfort layers and these have been used safely for decades. Often marketing teams spruk polyester free mattresses when they have […]