Mattress Sizes

What mattress size do you need? Other than personal preference, there are a range of factors that affect mattress size choice.

Have you considered whether a double may be better sized if you live in a smaller bedroom?

Buying for teens? Try a king single mattress or queen for longer usability.

Single Mattress
92 x 188cm

King Single Mattress
106 x 203cm

Double Mattress
137 x 188cm

Queen Mattress
153 x 203cm

King Mattress
183 x 203cm

Custom Size Mattresses

Not the size you need? We can custom make any size mattress for you.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying a mattress, is buying it too small. The right size of the mattress matters for good sleeping environment, it can make a difference in getting the perfect awesome sleep. Having enough room to stretch, while your body still staying within the mattress boundaries and not having have to your limbs hang off the side of your bed.

You must evaluate a mattress size if you are sharing with your partner. You need to take into consideration your height, weight and also that of your partners. Then also consider the dimensions of your room.