Mattress & Base Care

We know nobody likes reading long tedious care instructions so here are a few basic care tips to keep in mind to avoid damaging your items.

  • Rotate or flip (if applicable) on a regular basis, normally twice weekly for the first 2 months for high pillowtops¬†then once monthly. This will help even out the top “fluffy” or dacron layers that are intended for visual appeal only.
  • Never jump on your mattress – yes it can be tempting but this will surely ruin your mattress and accounts for 50% of all warranty claims. Mattresses are made mostly of springs and foam comfort layers using adhesives. If you were to jump on your car would this cause damage? The same damage will occur to a mattress as they are designed to support pressure over a large surface area of the mattress, not just one single point. Having all the pressure applied to one point whilst jumping will damage your mattress.
  • Always use a mattress protector – staining or soiling your mattress promotes bacteria and mould growth, and may void your warranty. This also becomes a health hazard both for yourself and any staff if an inspection is required. Where possible we recommend the use of a cool waterproof mattress protector to prevent the accumulation of dust, dead skin cells and accidental spills.
  • Always use a mattress on a certified bed base or appropriate solid slat bed frame – never put your mattress on the floor. Mattresses accumulate large amounts of moisture from the user and this moisture needs to evaporate via adequate air circulation. By placing your mattress directly on the floor this prevents adequate air circulation and also means excessive moisture coming from the floor will cause mildew growth on your mattress. This is not covered under warranty.
  • Never use a mattress on a bed frame missing slats or not enough slats. Using a mattress on a poorly supported foundation, bed base or broken bed frame will cause damage to a mattress very quickly. It causes the support layers inside the mattress to rip apart and bend in shape, ruining the support structure and the intended comfort or supportive design of the mattress.
  • Never wet your mattress – Mattresses adhesives are water based and large amounts of moisture or accidental spills will cause permanent damage to the mattress.
  • Don’t bend your mattress
  • Don’t drag your mattress
  • Don’t jump on your bed base / foundation – they are only timber frames with upholstery – you will jump right through it.
  • Don’t use old spring bases on a new mattress – springs sag with time and will cause your new mattress to sag too.
  • Make sure legs are tight and checked regularly – never use a bed base with missing legs as this will cause the bed base to collapse.