Mattress Sale Melbourne

If  you need a new mattress and reside in Melbourne you can choose from our popular range of queen, double or single mattresses. You can find a great range or choose from our staff picks or best selling ranges.

Get fast 48 hour delivery or even same day delivery in certain areas in Melbourne.

We’re not just an online store and have 3 stores in 3 great convenient locations across the Melbourne Metro area.

Mattress Sale

Need a new mattress? Bedding Warehouse has a great mattress sale on now! We aim to make mattress affordable and take the confusion out of choosing mattresses. We put a few of our popular models online within affordable budgets. We have an even larger range in store with the majority of our mattresses under a $1000. In store you won’t find anything over $2000.

We provide fast express delivery on selected lines. Need a mattress delivered fast during a mattress sale? Call us and we’ll see if we can deliver it the same day or next day. All we ask is that you order before 2PM.

Why are our prices so much cheaper? We cut out the middle men, are factory direct and have great partnerships with our bulk buy strategies. Our mission is to provide a quality comfortable sleep at affordable down to earth prices every day of the year.

You can purchase online or in store. Our super warehouse is located in Campbellfield and we have a store only 10 mins from the city in Essendon. Our original Springvale store is moments away from the Springvale market.

Our friendly staff can show you our great range of single, king single, double size, queen size or king size mattresses.

You can also find details on other mattress ranges here. Don’t be fooled by high retail store mattress sale mark ups and discounts. Make sure you don’t pay retail during a mattress sale again.


Brunswick Mattresses

Bedding Warehouse is now delivering express to Brunswick for mattresses.

If you’re looking to buy a mattress in Brunswick, just give us a ring and we’ll deliver express and free for all orders over $300.

We’re also giving special discounts on selected items for Brunswick residents.

Kilmore Mattresses

We’re giving a special delivery rate for mattresses being delivered to Kilmore Victoria. The special delivery rate applies to certain delivery days during the week so please give us a call so we can give you the best deal on mattresses to kilmore.



Queen Memory Foam Mattresses

When it comes to the world of pressure relief in mattresses it is hard to go by without mentioning the word memory foam. Memory foam began as a NASA invention back in the days to provide a better passenger comfort during long flights. As a result it’s property involve excellent pressure relief with best in class durability.

Most normal foam, or polyurethane foams aren’t pressure sensitive and push back against any body weight. As the foams got firmer, the more pressure and less give would be applied against body contact. Over a long term this meant more wear on the foam and greater user discomfort, especially for high pressure areas in contact with the mattress such as shoulders or hips. Queen memory foam mattress solve this by giving away more at high pressure areas and adjusting to low pressures so that the spine keeps straight for side sleepers.

The price of memory foam mattresses have decreased significantly in the last few years and newer packaging technologies have meant the transportation costs involved have also decreased. We have a great range of easily transportable and popular queen memory foam mattresses. Improvement in design have also meant the sinking feeling of traditional memory foam mattresses have been replaced with highly responsive memory foams that are cooler and still retain the same level of pressure relief as previous styles.

Double Mattress

A double mattress is the second most popular size in Australia. Double mattresses fit perfectly in apartments and medium size rooms. Standard size double mattress measure 137 cm x 188 cm. Many motels and display homes utilise a double mattress where the rooms are too small for a queen.

You can find our range of double mattresses here

If you find a double mattress too small, especially if for couples or taller people, why not try a queen mattress as it is 15cm longer and 15cm wider giving you a bit more room.

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