Mattress sizes and bed frames

Mattress sizes

Choosing the right mattress size for your bed frame

A very common mistake people make is the size choice between a queen and double bed. It is very hard to visually inspect a bed frame a make a decision as to whether it is a double or queen. All of our mattresses are made to standard australian sizes, however this does not apply to a lot of bed frame manufacturers. A lot of bed frame manufacturers leave large gaps towards the top and bottom of the bed frame to accommodate to other markets – or quite frankly just the wrong size is made up during the manufacturing process.

It’s best to use a tape measure to measure the bed frame and keep in mind the mattress will always need a few cms extra to fit in, depending on the type of mattress. More premium mattresses may be a bit bigger than cheaper mattresses – however as mattresses are hand made products you may find this will not be the most accurate guide.

A double mattress measures 137 x 188cm and a queen is 153 x 203 cm. It is hard to guarantee that your mattress will fit just perfectly but measuring up before you select your size at least will get you close enough.

How not to choose a mattress

Top 10 mistakes when choosing a mattress

When choosing a mattress there is a lot more to the eye than it seems. Here are the top mistakes people make when choosing a mattress:

  1. Choosing a mattress for someone else.
  2. Choosing a mattress without knowing your size and just assuming you have a queen.
  3. Choosing a mattress but not choosing the matching ensemble base – yes, bases do wear out with time.
  4. Just touching the mattress with your hand without lying on it.
  5. Sitting on the edges of the mattress.
  6. Choosing via appearance and not the comfort of the mattress.
  7. Being engulfed in marketing hype over new materials.
  8. Choosing the best value without regard to comfort
  9. Choosing a mattress that is too high
  10. Choosing a mattress that is too heavy.

Mattress Stocktake Clearance Sale

Sell Sell Sell. We’ve further reduced prices on queen size and single size mattresses. This includes memory foam and titan coil pocket spring mattresses. Get a queen mattress in this mattress sale now.

Did you know that getting a suitable bed base or ensemble base is just as important as choosing the right double mattress? A suitable bed base provides the optimal support for your back and mattress and ensures your mattress investment is good for years to come. Having an unsupportive ensemble for your queen mattress will not only damage your mattress but also void your warranty.

So get a new ensemble base along with your queen mattress in this mattress sale.

Double Mattress Sale

We have a great clearance sale on selected ranges and left over double size mattresses. Stock is strictly limited and available in store. We’ll be listing a few of the double beds online over the coming weeks in our stocktake clearance. Double mattresses measure 137 x 188cm in size. You can find our current double mattresses here

3 Myths on Mattress Sale

80% off mattress sale?

Oh please. Don’t flatter us. We don’t believe any mattress can be worth $10000 dollars and my gosh won’t that be great to get it just for $2000. Don’t be fooled by unrealistic retail mark ups.

Upsize mattress sales

Ever been offered a queen mattress for the price of a single? The first thing you should think is why would anyone ever pay $3000 for a single mattress?

Free Bed Base Sales

Trust me, when this happens, the bed bases are surely built into the full price that you pay for your mattress.

Our ideal morning routine – and when to have your coffee.

Experts recommend adults get at least 7-8 hours sleep each night. Our mattress guru goes to sleep at 10PM and wakes at 6AM. First thing he does is have a glass of water to rehydrate the body. Overnight you lose moisture and a lot of this moisture gets absorbed into your mattress.

Next step, a quick 20 minute jog. 10 minute rest, then breakfast! No bacon or sausages, just high fibre cereal, orange juice, toast and scrambled eggs. No butter. Maybe some smashed avocado sometimes. Reaching for that coffee? No. The ideal time to have coffee is about 11am in the morning, about the natural time your bodies own cortisol levels rise for the day, so you don’t over stress yourself or over ‘pump’ yourself.

An interesting fact, your body is actually at full physical strength at about 7PM, so those midnight gym sessions probably aren’t doing you any good.


When looking to buy a mattress, there are so many different options to consider. Walking into a showroom to ‘try’ each one for a brief moment can be overwhelming and could also make your choice of mattress even more complicated. Furthermore, you probably already know that sleep is important for a happy, functional life and that the mattress you are about to buy is fundamental to the quality of your sleep. So, how do you choose the perfect one out of the sea of mattresses available?

Firstly, you should approach your mattress purchase with an open mind. While it’s good to have preferences, you don’t always have to choose the same mattress type that you’ve had in the past. By the 7-year mark, your old mattress would no longer be supporting you adequately and during this time, your body would have changed a lot. Likewise, new mattress technologies are constantly entering the market and existing technologies are improved year after year. As a result, mattresses are being increasingly tailored to suit every consumer’s individual needs when it comes to comfort and sleep.

mattress and baseAnother thing to consider is that your new mattress may take some time to get used to. Your body is used to sleeping on your old mattress and your new one feels weird, but that doesn’t mean your new one isn’t a good fit just yet. Give your body some time to adjust to the new feel – it may be exactly the change you were looking for! However, if it’s not… some companies – including us at Bedding Warehouse – offer a grace period of 30 days or so (more details here), within which you can exchange the mattress if it doesn’t appear to be suitable for you.

This brings us to the last factor when buying a bed – having the right people helping you make the decision. The right customer service can greatly simplify your choices and help you find the perfect bed for you. Retail staff should prioritise your health, quality sleep and comfort over anything else and should listen to what you like and dislike in regards to your comfort level. A good company will also offer that previously-mentioned grace period, giving you peace of mind upon purchase and help you sleep even better at night.

In summary, when choosing your bed– do your research, pick the right company to buy from and have an awesome sleep!

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