Double Mattress

A double mattress is the second most popular size in Australia. Double mattresses fit perfectly in apartments and medium size rooms. Standard size double mattress measure 137 cm x 188 cm. Many motels and display homes utilise a double mattress where the rooms are too small for a queen.

You can find our range of double mattresses here

If you find a double mattress too small, especially if for couples or taller people, why not try a queen mattress as it is 15cm longer and 15cm wider giving you a bit more room.

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Melbourne Cup Mattress Sale

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Airbnb Mattresses

Airbnb Mattresses

Holiday House Mattresses

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Our mattresses come as a whole or we have a select range of boxes mattresses for convenient delivery for apartments.

Queen Size Mattresses

Queen Size Mattresses

Queen Mattresses in Melbourne

Click here to see our range of queen size mattresses. There are more mattresses in store.

The Australian standard queen size mattress measures 153cm x 203cm approximately. A queen size mattress is the most popular size in Australia. It is important to understand that the actual final product may vary by a few cms due to differences in material composition and craftsmanship.

We recommend queen size mattresses for medium or larger rooms. Queen mattresses ideally suit couples and taller people. You can find our range of queen size mattresses here.   We have all types of support systems including pocket spring and foam queen size mattresses. You can find pillowtop and eurotop mattresses available.

If you are getting a queen size mattress make sure that you have a queen size base to suit. Never put a mattress over a base that is smaller than the mattress as this will cause significant damage to the border guards.

Very often people may choose a mattress based on price over comfort. Mattresses come with guarantees of workmanship and materials – if a mattress is uncomfortable where you can feel the springs this doesn’t guarantee you comfort. It’s best to choose a mattress that had adequate comfort layers and that provides a reasonably firmer feel. Soft mattresses are prone to body impressions and give poor back support.

If you need to pickup a Queen Mattress you can get HappySleep Queen Mattresses delivered same day or pickup on your car.

The more popular support level for a mattress is a pocket spring mattress. They offer excellent reduced partner disturbance and are often more seen in premium mattresses. Getting a queen allows a comfortable sleep for adults and couples. They might be a bit too big for younger children.

Be aware there are many different definitions of a queen mattress, with many people confusing queen mattresses with double mattresses when they don’t measure before buying. Making sure that the mattress is approximately 150cm x 200cm long is a good idea before you head out to buy your purchase.

Caring for your mattress

Mattress Care

5 Important tips about caring for your mattress

  1. Use a mattress protector. Your mattress accumulates dust, skin cells and moisture. Using a waterproof quality mattress protector will safeguard your investment and keep your mattress free from stains and increase the lifespan of your mattress.
  2. Don’t jump on a mattress. Jumping on a mattress puts excessive force in singular spots in the support system and will cause damage to the springs and extra wear on the upholstery layers.
  3. Use a good foundation or bed base. If your mattress does not get support from the bottom then it will start to sag and ruin the support system. A manufacturer recommended support base will go a long way to ensuring you’re getting the most out of your mattress.
  4. Don’t use the edges of a mattress as a chair. Mattress springs are adjusted to weight – the springs are designed to support your body weight over the entire surface area of the mattress, not just one spot. Constantly applying your body weight on one particular section will cause that section to soften or fail prematurely.
  5. Don’t lift a mattress by it’s handles. Handles, where now seldom provided, are only there to position a mattress from left to right. They should not be used to transport a mattress, lift or flip a mattress.

Mattress sizes and bed frames

Mattress sizes

Choosing the right mattress size for your bed frame

A very common mistake people make is the size choice between a queen and double bed. It is very hard to visually inspect a bed frame a make a decision as to whether it is a double or queen. All of our mattresses are made to standard australian sizes, however this does not apply to a lot of bed frame manufacturers. A lot of bed frame manufacturers leave large gaps towards the top and bottom of the bed frame to accommodate to other markets – or quite frankly just the wrong size is made up during the manufacturing process.

It’s best to use a tape measure to measure the bed frame and keep in mind the mattress will always need a few cms extra to fit in, depending on the type of mattress. More premium mattresses may be a bit bigger than cheaper mattresses – however as mattresses are hand made products you may find this will not be the most accurate guide.

A double mattress measures 137 x 188cm and a queen is 153 x 203 cm. It is hard to guarantee that your mattress will fit just perfectly but measuring up before you select your size at least will get you close enough.

How not to choose a mattress

Top 10 mistakes when choosing a mattress

When choosing a mattress there is a lot more to the eye than it seems. Here are the top mistakes people make when choosing a mattress:

  1. Choosing a mattress for someone else.
  2. Choosing a mattress without knowing your size and just assuming you have a queen.
  3. Choosing a mattress but not choosing the matching ensemble base – yes, bases do wear out with time.
  4. Just touching the mattress with your hand without lying on it.
  5. Sitting on the edges of the mattress.
  6. Choosing via appearance and not the comfort of the mattress.
  7. Being engulfed in marketing hype over new materials.
  8. Choosing the best value without regard to comfort
  9. Choosing a mattress that is too high
  10. Choosing a mattress that is too heavy.
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