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Epping Mattresses

Epping Mattresses

We are the largest mattress shop in Epping with over 60 mattresses on display and a wide range of premium and value mattresses in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Our showroom is on Cooper Street Epping at 15 Cooper St Campbellfield

Epping Mattresses

Queen Mattresses in Epping

Queen Mattresses are the most common size of mattress ordered in Epping and in general they measure 153x203cm

Mattresses Coburg – Fast Mattress Delivery

Mattresses Coburg

Queen Size Mattresses Near Coburg

Bedding Warehouse Mattress Factory Outlets has been providing quality mattresses to Coburg for over 20 years. We have the widest selection of premium and budget friendly mattresses to provide the best sleep to relax. We provide a fast delivery service and have stock ready to go

Our closets showroom to Coburg is up Sydney Road and on Cooper Street in Campbellfield.

Address: 15 Cooper Street, Campbellfield


Brunswick Mattresses 2024

Brunswick Student Mattresses

Express Brunswick, Melbourne Mattresses

Bedding Warehouse is now delivering express to Brunswick for mattresses.

If you’re looking to buy a mattress in Brunswick, just give us a ring and we’ll deliver express and free for all orders over $300.

We’re also giving special discounts on selected items for Brunswick residents.

Don’t buy a mattress until you read this – 3 Silly Things Mattress Experts see the most often

Buying a mattress can be a challenging but rewarding process. However, once customers take their product home there are 3 major things that we see people do wrong the most often.

Number 1: Having bed slats installed upside down.

The most common complaint we get on a new mattress is that the mattress seems uneven or rolls in. In all cases this is because people have installed their curved bed slats upside down. Not only should you not be using a bed frame with curved slats, but in reality all mattresses should be used on a proper foundation or bed base that is actually designed to provide a flat sleeping surface for your mattress.

Number 2: Ordering the wrong size / Thinking there is too much gap between the bed frame and the mattress

Check your size! Ordering the wrong size mattress is a costly expense. If the courier needs to redeliver your mattress you’re looking at transport charges of at least $150, more if you need two people or the mattress taken upstairs.

It’s common to have a gap between your bed frame and mattress, it is part of the design. Normally bed frame manufacturers allow 2-3cm on each side and up to 5-10cm top and bottom of a bed frame. This is to account for different styles of bedding across Europe, America and Australia. American bed frames have huge gaps to allow for box bases and extra thick bedding.

Number 3: Dragging your new mattress on the ground

Self explanatory. The plastic bag your mattress comes in is just to protect it from dust. Any dragging on a rough surface will cause immediate tearing to your mattress fabric

Noble Park Mattresses

Mattress shop near Noble Park

Mattress factory now servicing Noble Park

Noble Park Mattresses

We are providing free mattress delivery to online customers on all sizes of mattresses for purchases over $300.

Even if you’re just purchasing a single just give us a call and we’ll see if we can get a driver to drop it off for you for free.



Orthopedic Mattresses

Orthopedic Mattresses

We have been selling our orthopedic mattresses online since their inception since 2009 and spring 2023 marks the 14th anniversary and arrival of our newest range providing the best in orthopedic support and excellent value for money.

orthopedic mattress

Our orthopedic mattresses feature full PostureFoam side edge supports allowing a greater sleep surface area.

All models feature multi zone pocket springs and luxury fabrics.

The orthopedic mattress original edition is a humble everyday sleeper offering medium feel comfort levels and a down to earth design


Non-toxic mattresses and formaldehyde

Non-toxic mattresses

Formaldehyde myth in mattress foams

Misinformation is rife when it has been passed down through decades. The majority of mattresses use PU or polyurathane foams.  They are complex chemical mixes that are made through various processes including blowing carbon dioxide or other gases through the mixture to create foams of different densities and feels.

Previous processes when PU foams were first created may have use a small amount of formaldehyde but all modern processes have foregone with the use of the chemical. In my opinion it would be expensive for any manufacturer to continue to use formaldehyde in modern day foam making processes when there are much cheaper and faster methods to create PU foams.

Millions of people sleep on polyuerathane foams every year. All new mattresses will have some degree of off-gassing, and these can contain VOCs or volatile organic chemicals. These are in very small quantities.

Most of the time formaldehyde is actually used in woods or the glues and adhesives used to stick the wood together. That’s why it’s not a good idea to cut up certain heavily processed and manufactured woods as the wood dust is definitely not good for your health.

Many times wooden pallets are made up of these composite woods which is why we don’t generally recommend people use wooden pallets as their bed base for their mattress, that’s not even excluding the fact you will get plenty of wooden splinters.

Why polyester free mattresses are a lie

No mattresses are polyester free

There is not such thing as a polyester free mattress. And for the 100th time, mattresses do not contain plastics of any kind. Most mattresses contain a polyurethane foam for comfort layers and these have been used safely for decades.

Often marketing teams spruk polyester free mattresses when they have no idea what they are talking about. I am a registered chemist and all I can tell you, every single mattress has a polyester component.

Very often the mattress supplier can refer to the fabric as being polyester free, however there is no such thing unless you are purchasing a 100% cotton fabric mattress – and these are RARELY used and only used in a commercial setting for fire rating of a mattress.

Companies will claim bamboo or organic cotton mattresses but in reality, it is just the fabric you are sleeping on and often these are blends of 2-5% cotton or bamboo lyocell with 95-98% polyester.

Polyester is found everywhere and is in most clothes. The majority of cold weather clothing is 100% polyester such as polyester fleece as it keeps you warmer.

Our EcoRest mattresses feature the maximum amount of bamboo and or Merino wool, approximately 30% with a 70% component of polyester. Polyester is required as it provides the structural strength and the provides the ability for the fabric to be quilted into applications for a mattress.

Normally we would combine this fabric combination with 100% Natural Latex from Malaysia, the finest grade of south east asian latex in the world that has been supplied in Australia for the last 30 years.

The polyester free mattress is purely a marketing play.


Mattress Expert

Mattresses Clayton

Mattresses Clayton

Best Priced mattresses in Clayton. Best Mattresses Clayton.

mattresses claytonWe’re providing free standard mattress delivery to all residents and students of clayton. This includes ground floor deliveries and apartments with lifts too, mattresses and bed bases delivered free of charge.

We have a huge range of queen, double and single mattresses. Did you know the most popular size and type of mattresses people order from Clayton, Melbourne, are queen pocket spring mattresses in a medium firm feel? The most popular mattress models we sell to people living in Clayton are the HappySleep Queen mattress and the PostureSleep Queen mattress if you’re after something a bit firmer.

Our mattress shop is located next to Clayton off the Princes Highway at the border of Clayton and Springvale at 91 Springvale Road, Springvale.

Epping Mattress Factory

Epping Mattress Factory

Mattress Shop Epping

We’re at 15 Cooper St Campbellfield on the border of Epping and Campbellfield, close to the Hume Freeway and Cooper St. We’re opposite ARB Campbellfield and next to Lotus Caravans.

Best prices on queen size mattresses in Epping, Melbourne.