Urgent mattress deliveries

Need a mattress urgently in Melbourne? We have same day or next day delivery on a select range of our mattress in a box products.

Get your mattress delivered within 20km of the Melbourne CBD now!

Send us an e-mail or give us a call. Limited stock available.

Mattresses Wallan

Exclusive offer: Purchase your mattress online and get free mattress shipping for orders over $400.
A few T’s & C’s:
Delivery service to Wallan is provided via a 1 Person delivery with a Ute.
The driver will deliver to your front hallway.
Delivery is to the ground floor only, drivers do not take items upstairs or move other furniture items for you.

My Sl**** mattress got soft or sagged

My ******* mattress got soft

One of the most common statements people make when they come and see us is I bought a $3000 mattress from [some expensive retailer] made by [some big name brand] and it got softer or has a sag and it feels completely different from when we first got it.

It’s true that this is a common complaint from many people who buy mattresses and although we would love to say maybe that $3000 mattress is broken this is more often than not, not the case.

Everything gets softer and bodies change. Showrooms are filled with good-looking mattresses with decorative fabric and filling, most will have a top fluffy layer with a soft fill that is designed for a visual appearance only. When you lay on the mattress in the showroom, you will feel the initial plush sensation which may greatly determine your purchasing choice. After a few weeks of use this layer [normally 1-1.5 inches] eventually flattens. Depending on your sleeping pattern this may cause some parts of the mattress to flatten more than other regions causing a ‘dipping’ or ‘sagging’ effect. How badly this affects you will depend on your individual sleeping pattern, how high the fill is in your mattress, your body weight and your individual perception of dips

One thing to remember is a change in body weight, increases of 5-10kg may significantly affect your perception of comfort with your mattress.

Check out our other posts as we go into how body changes and the type of support your provide your mattress will drastically effect your sleep.

Hotel Mattresses

Hotel Mattresses

Hotel Mattresses in Queen, King, Long Single or Double Sizes.


Please call our commercial division to get pricing on all hotel and apartment mattresses

03 8658 0323

SlumberSense Commercial mattress collection has been specifically tailored over the years to provide best in class comfort for the discerning hotel or accommodation guest at a feasible price level for your business.

We offer complete sleep solutions based on your requirements and provide a fast and efficient quote to delivery process.

Bed Heads

Bed Heads

Factory Direct Bed Heads

We have a great new designer range of bed heads & headboards in Queen Size Bed Heads or a King Bed Head. Our bed heads are in stock and Melbourne purchasers enjoy fast shipping.

bed heads

Designer Bed Heads

You can find our designer bed heads here


Queen Mattresses

Queen Mattresses

Queen mattresses are the most common size of mattress in Melbourne. Queen mattresses measure 153cm x 203cm and are the best size for couples and taller adults. They offer the same length as a king mattress and don’t take up as much room. Queen mattresses come in a variety of heights and also styles.

queen mattresses

Queen Mattress Pricing Guide

A good queen mattress general costs from $400 and above. You can get budget queen mattresses for between $150-$350. As the prices of mattresses increases the more durable the support system and also the warranty.  Luxury mattresses start from about $800 and above.

Getting the right size mattress is essential and you can refer to some sleep experts at the sleep foundation for some general information.

There are 3 main types of support systems for queen size mattresses:

Springs/Bonnell Springs/Continuous Springs: 

These are the most common type and have been around for the longest time. They are commonly found in budget mattresses and in firmer mattresses for their more robust strength (though now have high strength durability pocket springs too). These types of mattresses do make a bit of sound when moving around and have the typical springy sensation.

Pocket Springs: 

Current the most popular support system in queen size mattresses. They offer the best in class reduced partner disturbance and are found in the most luxurious mattresses. Technologies have significantly improved and now offer even better life and durability than normal spring mattresses. Our exclusive Titan grade coils are heavy duty and offer an increased mattress life-span.

High density Foams:

or newer hybrid foam mattresses are making a big leap in 2018 with the new mattresses in a box. They are often lighter and offer better pressure relief than spring based mattresses. As most of them now come in a box they are significantly easier to transport with faster delivery times than a normal mattress. You can find our best selling pressure relieving mattress in a box here.


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