Why polyester free mattresses are a lie

No mattresses are polyester free

There is not such thing as a polyester free mattress. And for the 100th time, mattresses do not contain plastics of any kind. Most mattresses contain a polyurethane foam for comfort layers and these have been used safely for decades.

Often marketing teams spruk polyester free mattresses when they have no idea what they are talking about. I am a registered chemist and all I can tell you, every single mattress has a polyester component.

Very often the mattress supplier can refer to the fabric as being polyester free, however there is no such thing unless you are purchasing a 100% cotton fabric mattress – and these are RARELY used and only used in a commercial setting for fire rating of a mattress.

Companies will claim bamboo or organic cotton mattresses but in reality, it is just the fabric you are sleeping on and often these are blends of 2-5% cotton or bamboo lyocell with 95-98% polyester.

Polyester is found everywhere and is in most clothes. The majority of cold weather clothing is 100% polyester such as polyester fleece as it keeps you warmer.

Our EcoRest mattresses feature the maximum amount of bamboo and or Merino wool, approximately 30% with a 70% component of polyester. Polyester is required as it provides the structural strength and the provides the ability for the fabric to be quilted into applications for a mattress.

Normally we would combine this fabric combination with 100% Natural Latex from Malaysia, the finest grade of south east asian latex in the world that has been supplied in Australia for the last 30 years.

The polyester free mattress is purely a marketing play.


Mattress Expert