Queen Memory Foam Mattresses

When it comes to the world of pressure relief in mattresses it is hard to go by without mentioning the word memory foam. Memory foam began as a NASA invention back in the days to provide a better passenger comfort during long flights. As a result it’s property involve excellent pressure relief with best in class durability.

Most normal foam, or polyurethane foams aren’t pressure sensitive and push back against any body weight. As the foams got firmer, the more pressure and less give would be applied against body contact. Over a long term this meant more wear on the foam and greater user discomfort, especially for high pressure areas in contact with the mattress such as shoulders or hips. Queen memory foam mattress solve this by giving away more at high pressure areas and adjusting to low pressures so that the spine keeps straight for side sleepers.

The price of memory foam mattresses have decreased significantly in the last few years and newer packaging technologies have meant the transportation costs involved have also decreased. We have a great range of easily transportable and popular queen memory foam mattresses. Improvement in design have also meant the sinking feeling of traditional memory foam mattresses have been replaced with highly responsive memory foams that are cooler and still retain the same level of pressure relief as previous styles.