Don’t buy a mattress until you read this – 3 Silly Things Mattress Experts see the most often

Buying a mattress can be a challenging but rewarding process. However, once customers take their product home there are 3 major things that we see people do wrong the most often.

Number 1: Having bed slats installed upside down.

The most common complaint we get on a new mattress is that the mattress seems uneven or rolls in. In all cases this is because people have installed their curved bed slats upside down. Not only should you not be using a bed frame with curved slats, but in reality all mattresses should be used on a proper foundation or bed base that is actually designed to provide a flat sleeping surface for your mattress.

Number 2: Ordering the wrong size / Thinking there is too much gap between the bed frame and the mattress

Check your size! Ordering the wrong size mattress is a costly expense. If the courier needs to redeliver your mattress you’re looking at transport charges of at least $150, more if you need two people or the mattress taken upstairs.

It’s common to have a gap between your bed frame and mattress, it is part of the design. Normally bed frame manufacturers allow 2-3cm on each side and up to 5-10cm top and bottom of a bed frame. This is to account for different styles of bedding across Europe, America and Australia. American bed frames have huge gaps to allow for box bases and extra thick bedding.

Number 3: Dragging your new mattress on the ground

Self explanatory. The plastic bag your mattress comes in is just to protect it from dust. Any dragging on a rough surface will cause immediate tearing to your mattress fabric