My Sl**** mattress got soft or sagged

My ******* mattress got soft

One of the most common statements people make when they come and see us is I bought a $3000 mattress from [some expensive retailer] made by [some big name brand] and it got softer or has a sag and it feels completely different from when we first got it.

It’s true that this is a common complaint from many people who buy mattresses and although we would love to say maybe that $3000 mattress is broken this is more often than not, not the case.

Everything gets softer and bodies change. Showrooms are filled with good-looking mattresses with decorative fabric and filling, most will have a top fluffy layer with a soft fill that is designed for a visual appearance only. When you lay on the mattress in the showroom, you will feel the initial plush sensation which may greatly determine your purchasing choice. After a few weeks of use this layer [normally 1-1.5 inches] eventually flattens. Depending on your sleeping pattern this may cause some parts of the mattress to flatten more than other regions causing a ‘dipping’ or ‘sagging’ effect. How badly this affects you will depend on your individual sleeping pattern, how high the fill is in your mattress, your body weight and your individual perception of dips

One thing to remember is a change in body weight, increases of 5-10kg may significantly affect your perception of comfort with your mattress.

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