Our delivery system and our exclusive after hours delivery service

Any inquiries about delivery cost or time please call 1300 866 088 or email sales@beddingwarehouse.com.au

When an order is placed, our team will contact you via e-mail or telephone to arrange an appropriate time for delivery.

When placing your order, make sure to put down your preferred time of delivery.

We have organised with our couriers to have the bulk of our residential deliveries done after business hours, when most people are home. At Bedding Warehouse, we don’t believe anyone should have to take the day off work to wait for a mattress that probably costs them less than a days work.

We also have a weekend delivery run but places are limited and are provided on a first come basis.




Our new logistics system will see streamlined delivery to our customers.

We have organised special after hours delivery for all orders, including weekends.

90% of all deliveries will be despatched within 3 days of order once confirmation of desired delivery day has been completed.

Deliveries will be limited to Victoria, Australia for all internet orders. We anticipate a return to interstate deliveries in the 1st fiscal quarter.

Most deliveries for metropolitan Melbourne will cost a maximum of $35 with deliveries with 15km of distribution centres attracting a free or $15 delivery fee.