How not to choose a mattress

Top 10 mistakes when choosing a mattress

When choosing a mattress there is a lot more to the eye than it seems. Here are the top mistakes people make when choosing a mattress:

  1. Choosing a mattress for someone else.
  2. Choosing a mattress without knowing your size and just assuming you have a queen.
  3. Choosing a mattress but not choosing the matching ensemble base – yes, bases do wear out with time.
  4. Just touching the mattress with your hand without lying on it.
  5. Sitting on the edges of the mattress.
  6. Choosing via appearance and not the comfort of the mattress.
  7. Being engulfed in marketing hype over new materials.
  8. Choosing the best value without regard to comfort
  9. Choosing a mattress that is too high
  10. Choosing a mattress that is too heavy.