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Commercial Mattresses - SlumberSense Commercial Mattress Range

All commercial enqueries: 03 8658 0323

SlumberSense commercial mattresses are specifically designed to handle the tough conditions in hospitality. The mattresses are specifically tailored for the hotel, student accommodation industry. We cater for all venues through our commercial range for all budgets.

Nothing is worse than getting cheap mattresses only to find you need them replaced a few years later. SlumberSense commercial sleep systems help your guests experience the best sleep during their stay, taking the headache away from you to worry about other things.

Please contact our commercial division on 03 8658 0323 to discuss your requirements.

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Our commercial mattress range comes with a warranty from 5 to 10 years.

We cater for a range of clientele from government agencies, not-for-profit, motels, bed-and-breakfast, student accommodation all the way up to 4-5 Star hotels along the Sunshine Coast.

Most clients in 3 or 4 star accommodation opt for our Gold Range featuring the Titan Spring Support System guaranteeing most longevity in the sleep system and customer comfort.

Our staggered just-in-time commercial mattress delivery and manufacturing process gives clients a reduced load and less worry with renovations and mattress replacement. You have a single person point of contact throughout your entire order to ensure everything is delivered on the right day and time for your commercial mattresses

Some tips with commercial mattresses

Always use a commercial quality mattress protector with your mattress investment. We have seen many clients go to the expense of replacing floors of mattresses only to have them ruined a few months time due to mattress protectors not providing adequate protection from staining and bed bugs.

We recommend Protect-A-Bed for commercial grade mattress protectors for commercial mattresses

A sneaky tip

Whilst many mattress suppliers will try to sell you the most expensive range, we understand a mattress is both an expensive item and also not your only expense. Having a mattress topper allows for greater longevity of your mattress and a reduced initial cost.

Fast turn around times

Need that urgent long single base or double set delivered? Don’t stress, we’ll do our best to accommodate.