When looking to buy a mattress, there are so many different options to consider. Walking into a showroom to ‘try’ each one for a brief moment can be overwhelming and could also make your choice of mattress even more complicated. Furthermore, you probably already know that sleep is important for a happy, functional life and that the mattress you are about to buy is fundamental to the quality of your sleep. So, how do you choose the perfect one out of the sea of mattresses available?

Firstly, you should approach your mattress purchase with an open mind. While it’s good to have preferences, you don’t always have to choose the same mattress type that you’ve had in the past. By the 7-year mark, your old mattress would no longer be supporting you adequately and during this time, your body would have changed a lot. Likewise, new mattress technologies are constantly entering the market and existing technologies are improved year after year. As a result, mattresses are being increasingly tailored to suit every consumer’s individual needs when it comes to comfort and sleep.

mattress and baseAnother thing to consider is that your new mattress may take some time to get used to. Your body is used to sleeping on your old mattress and your new one feels weird, but that doesn’t mean your new one isn’t a good fit just yet. Give your body some time to adjust to the new feel – it may be exactly the change you were looking for! However, if it’s not… some companies – including us at Bedding Warehouse – offer a grace period of 30 days or so (more details here), within which you can exchange the mattress if it doesn’t appear to be suitable for you.

This brings us to the last factor when buying a bed – having the right people helping you make the decision. The right customer service can greatly simplify your choices and help you find the perfect bed for you. Retail staff should prioritise your health, quality sleep and comfort over anything else and should listen to what you like and dislike in regards to your comfort level. A good company will also offer that previously-mentioned grace period, giving you peace of mind upon purchase and help you sleep even better at night.

In summary, when choosing your bed– do your research, pick the right company to buy from and have an awesome sleep!