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Long Single Mattress (2/24/2019) by mattress-guru - Long Single Mattress We can make mattress to any size including long single mattresses. Long single mattresses are normally used in a commercial setting or are pieced together to form a king size mattress. It is very often quite hard to find linen for long single mattresses so we urge customers to be vigilant when […]
What is a mattress ensemble? (2/24/2019) by mattress-guru - What is a mattress ensemble? The word ensemble when it comes to mattresses and bases is commonly misused. Firstly before defining an ensemble we have to make clear two other definitions. A bed or a mattress is what sits on top of the base. The mattress sits on top of the base. Some people may […]
Melbourne CBD Mattresses (2/11/2019) by mattress-guru - Melbourne CBD Mattresses We will deliver your mattress free of charge up a lift for purchases over $250. If you are in the Melbourne CBD and need a mattress please give us a call. If you need an urgent delivery we have several ranges of mattresses that can be delivered ASAP. We also have student […]
Need a mattress now? (1/28/2019) by mattress-guru - Related posts: No related posts.
Mattress in a box (1/16/2019) by mattress-guru - Mattress in a boxBecoming ever so increasingly popular are mattresses in a box. They are normally made out of pocket springs or polyurethane foam and are then vacuum compressed and rolled into a box. At first glance this raises eyebrows and speculation but the technology used has significantly improved and offers significant savings in delivery […]